Blurr Review: The thrill and horror of this film keeps Taapsee’s fans relieved

Weekend Film: Sometimes the eyes can be deceiving, but if things start appearing blurry continuously then it can be very difficult. In director Ajay Behl’s film Blur, the story progresses in such a way that all the incidents appear blurred here, till late it is not clearly known what is happening. That’s the fun of blur. There is thrill and horror in it. It is the Hindi adaptation of the 2010 Spanish psychological thriller Julia’s Eyes. If that film did not pass your eyes, then you should see Blur. Will not be disappointed. The film is tight and as a thriller it doesn’t give you much chance to think. The events in between keep you hooked and you are left confused as to what will happen when the mystery finally unravels? Blur is released today on the OTT platform ZEE5.

starting with unanswered questions
The story of Blur is interesting. Here are twin sisters. Gautami and Gayatri. Taapsee Pannu has played both the roles. Gautami commits suicide in the opening scene itself. All you get to know is that Gautami is blind and very mentally disturbed, someone is troubling her. Eventually she hangs herself in the sight of that person. Who is this person, is not visible on the screen. On the other hand Gayatri is in another city. He has a strong feeling that something is wrong with Gautami. Gautami is not even picking up the phone. Gayatri goes to Gautami’s house with her husband (Gulshan Devaiah) and then everything is revealed to her. Gayatri’s quest now is what happened to Gautami? She believes that Gautami could not have committed suicide as she was a very strong person. Then was she murdered and who did it? But it is not easy to find out because the police is assuming that Gautami committed suicide! The evidence is also saying the same.

thrill in the fabric
The film has been shot beautifully and smartly. For a long time a mysterious character is in front of you and you do not see his face. The truth and lies of the characters run parallel in the story and you do not know what is the truth and what is the lie. Amidst all this, the mystery deepens when Gayatri races to find out the truth about her sister and just when she seems to be about to find out, a murder happens! Another problem is that Gayatri is also a victim of eye disease like her sister and she is about to lose her eyesight. Ajay Behl has woven the fabric of the whole story well and he has also been successful in maintaining the horror along with the thrill in the story from beginning to end.

one tempo, one tone
Earlier in the name of Ajay Behl, B.A. There are films like Pass and Section 375. He also does justice to blur. The film rests completely on Taapsee’s shoulders and she has played her part brilliantly. She works hard, which is also visible. For Taapsee, this film will garner viewers on OTT, her fans will also feel relieved. Taapsee’s last few films did not get good response at the box office and OTT but Blur can remove that complaint. The film moves from beginning to end by creating one pace and one tone. Therefore, the attention of the beholder does not wander anywhere. For viewers who enjoy thrillers and horror movies, Blur will bring a twinkle in their eyes.

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