Ethics Policy

At, we strive to produce accurate and unbiased news content that is of high quality and meets professional standards. To ensure that we are upholding these standards, we have created this policy for news ethics.


Our primary goal is to ensure that our news content is accurate and free from any errors. To ensure accuracy, our news stories must always be verified and checked against several sources to guarantee accuracy before being published.


We always strive to be impartial and unbiased when it comes to our news coverage, and we will always remain consistent in our standards. Our reporters must not inject personal opinions in their stories and must remain neutral when presenting facts.


We understand that news stories may often be controversial, and we will strive to ensure our stories are presented in a balanced manner. We will ensure that all sides of an issue are presented fairly and with objectivity.


We will always be open and transparent about our news coverage and processes. Our reporters must clearly identify any sources that are used in their stories, and all information used must be relevant and accurate.


We understand that certain news stories may involve confidential information, and we will always protect the identities of our sources. All reporters must adhere to ethical standards and not reveal any confidential information without explicit permission.


We take plagiarism very seriously and will not tolerate any form of plagiarism. All stories must be written in the reporter’s own words to avoid any issues with plagiarism.


If any errors are made in our news stories, we will strive to correct them as soon as possible. We understand that mistakes can happen, and we will take any steps necessary to ensure our audience receives accurate information.

We at take news ethics seriously and will always strive to ensure that our news coverage is of the highest quality and meets professional standards. We understand that news can be a powerful tool and we will always use it responsibly.